Village of Dragons-Iris's Hut(Iris/Haumea & Hotaru/Saturn)


Ashley✭Ketchum: Still waiting on a post from before I can post again. Sept 22, 2019 17:59:54 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: Added a Galar Board. Since we don't know much about Galar yet, we can't post anything in it. It's stil accessible though. It will remain accessible. Oct 20, 2019 16:01:20 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: Are we ever going to continue this RP, or has it died just like all of my others? :( :'( Jan 23, 2020 14:32:34 GMT -6
sportsnutd: were still here buddy Jan 30, 2020 0:16:36 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: Posted in Celestial Tower Combat. Feb 5, 2020 21:42:35 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: Edited my Celestial Tower Combat Post. It's time to get this battle started! Feb 9, 2020 20:43:02 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: I will be NPC'ing Moon and Venus for the Celestial Tower Combat Thread. After the conclusion of the Celestial Tower combat Thread, they will be placed on the Inactive Characters List. Even though Moon and Venus are NPC's, has been Feb 26, 2020 20:55:53 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: controlling them very well. So after the Celestial Tower Combat is concluded, Moon and Venus will be moved to the Inactive list. Feb 26, 2020 20:56:41 GMT -6
Cure Yuri: waves hihi Feb 29, 2020 9:48:33 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: is the only we are waiting on to post. As for , I'm not sure when he will post for Cinder again. I know he has one other character he wants to bring in. And it has to do with that dark swirling cloud above Celestial Tower. Apr 1, 2020 16:33:50 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: is the only one left to post in Celestial Tower Combat. Apr 13, 2020 13:30:07 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: Are you all still interested in this RP? , ? I know is. You three are the only ones left to post in Celestial Tower Combat. May 3, 2020 17:25:13 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: Takes place two weeks after Celestial Tower Combat. May 4, 2020 16:44:45 GMT -6
Cure Yuri: I've told you before that I am....You just need to prod me a few times *^^* May 6, 2020 10:17:23 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: is the only one left to post in Celestial Tower Combat! Once he posts, I'm going to wrap up the thread. May 11, 2020 11:08:26 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: I'm still waiting for at least one more person to post in the Is Silver Rose Our Enemy? Ashley's Confusion! Thread. Jun 24, 2020 15:53:42 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: Harmony-Chan! Jun 24, 2020 16:58:51 GMT -6
Harmony On Parade: hello,,, Jun 24, 2020 17:17:52 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: I followed you. Jun 24, 2020 17:31:52 GMT -6
Ashley✭Ketchum: For those of you on taking part in the Alola Party Thread, please check out the Plot Discussion Channel on the Discord Server. I posted a Poll Question there. Aug 21, 2020 20:57:16 GMT -6
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